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Are you worrying too much about your partner cheating on you? Has he/she been behaving a bit differently recently? Maybe you are just being too suspicious. How to tell for sure your partner is not true to you? We realize this is a common issue among couples everywhere. To ease such worries, we put together some surefire ways to find out if your partner has been taking you for a ride.

Signs that Tell you your Partner is Cheating

1.   They Have Less Time for You

Is your partner not spending enough time with you like before? Is he making excuses to avoid your company? If you feel so, you can confront him and ask why you are no longer his number one priority anymore.

2.   You Find them Being More Secretive

Another tell-tale sign of cheating is when your partner does not share intimate details with you anymore. Whenever you display some curiosity, you will find them being evasive and avoiding giving you answers.

3.   You Notice Changes in their Appearance

Be alert when you suddenly notice them trying to look more attractive or smell good, especially when going out. They also do not seem that fussy about their looks or body odour when you are together. It may indicate they are having an affair.

4.   They start Using their Phones More

Have you seen your partner chatting on the phone secretly and avoiding you when you are near? Do you find them deleting their chats too often? If you see them do that, you could be in trouble with your partner.

5.   You are no Longer Intimate

When your partner cheats on you, one of the early signs to note is a decrease in physical intimacy. He or she will not take as much interest in being physical, unlike earlier times.

6.   They Start Lying

One way to tell if your partner is being dishonest is when they make unconvincing excuses in reply to questions. Actually, it is more difficult to lie than tell the truth. So, if you are on your guard, you can easily notice such signs of cheating.

7.   You No Longer Try to Resolve Personal Issues

During the early stages of a relationship, couples try hard to solve issues cropping up between them. When these issues suddenly lose their significance, it could indicate that something is amiss.

8.   They are Too Curious About Your Plans for the Day

You may find your partner enquiring about when you will be at home or when you are going out. This could indicate that he is checking if it is safe to meet up with his new romantic interest.

9.   You Cannot Reach Them on their Phones

A partner who is dishonest is likely to avoid receiving your calls or replying to your texts. He/She will try to convince you by cooking up lame excuses like ‘there was a meeting with my boss’.

10.               They Start Spending More

If you discover your partner making too many expenses than before, it could indicate infidelity. They will also struggle to explain the reasons for these expenses. Your partner may be spending money on food, gifts, or entertainment with the new love interest.

These signs are only to be taken as indicators and are not fool-proof. So, it is better to make sure before taking impulsive steps to break out of your relationship. And, if you keep your cool, maybe things will even work out between you and your partner.

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