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If you have ever been in love, you will know what it feels like when a relationship breaks apart. Most of us will agree that the pain experienced during heartbreak is immeasurable. However, heartbreaks and disappointments are unavoidable in life. It is natural to fall in and out of love. Each one of us has experienced the agony of lost love at some point in our lives. But, even though you may feel your heart is beyond repair, it is essential to move on in life. You need healthy coping mechanisms to ease your pain and provide the strength to move forward.

To help you get back in control, we have come up with a few tried and tested ways.

Seven simple and effective ways to get over heartbreak

We believe the following hacks will work for you and put you back on track: 

1.   Don’t suppress your feelings

It is natural to feel a surge of emotions during heartbreak since it is traumatic to your mind. So, it is necessary to be kind to yourself and permit yourself to feel the emotions. Suppressing your emotions is unhealthy and will prevent you from moving ahead. You need to allow yourself to feel every emotion, be it sadness, anger, or loneliness without judging them. An excellent method recommended by psychologists is writing your thoughts in a journal or letting yourself cry. Such an emotional release will definitely help clear your mind and reduce the trauma       

2.   Pamper yourself

Feelings of rejection and low self-confidence are common during heartbreak. They can trigger unhealthy responses, like punishing yourself by starving your body or indulging in unwanted substances. So, It is essential to avoid such destructive coping mechanisms and instead, take more care of yourself. Such self-care can go a long way to speed up the healing process

3.   Practise gratitude

We often focus solely on our loss during painful times and fail to look at the blessings we have. It is vital to look beyond the overwhelming negatives like pain and appreciate the positive things in our life. Hence, feeling grateful is the perfect remedy for lifting you out of your rut and getting into a positive mindset. We often take things like the air we breathe, the clean water we drink, and such others for granted. So, list them, and start feeling grateful for them throughout the day. Then watch how your mood changes from negative to positive

4.   Start exercising

During a heartbreak, stress hormones released in your body create havoc and drain your energy. One great way to lower your stress and boost the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine is to exercise. Workout routines like cardio exercises, cycling, running, or playing sports can help boost your mood significantly

5.   Develop a positive mindset

Breakups in relationships can cloud your thinking and make you focus more on the negative aspects of life. Therefore, it is vital to look at the positives you got out of the relationship. You need to accept the change and welcome other new, exciting possibilities. Reading powerful quotes written by renowned philosophers or authors is a powerful technique to make you positive

6.   Do good to others

One effective method to get relief from a heartbreak is to perform acts of kindness to others. By helping others who are in difficulty, you can take focus away from your problems. Being kind to others also opens up your heart and gives you a feeling of self-worth

7.   Get support

Sharing experiences with those close to you, whether friends or family, makes you feel you are not alone. By reaching out to people, you realize there are others who love you and will support you during difficult times. You become aware that they also have undergone similar experiences and have come out of them

At emotive quotes, our wonderfully-crafted heartbreak quotes act as a balm to your wounds. They impact your mind positively and empower you to take charge of yourself. These quotes with their powerful meanings motivate you to let go of bygones. They inspire you to develop new interests, embrace change, and look forward to the unlimited possibilities life has to offer.

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