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Is your friend living with depression? If the answer is yes, then you must not delay for even a second more. Over millions of people, mostly adults, live with depression. However, everyone does not experience the same type of depression as it varies from person to person.

Most of you might find it difficult to judge whether your friend is living with depression or not. So here are some common symptoms of a person living with depression:

  • A drastic change in the behaviour
  • Feeling sad most of the time
  • Getting upset quickly
  • Showing unusual behaviour
  • Lacks energy and change in body language
  • Showing a lack of interest in talking or meeting
  • Frequently talks about death or suicide
  • Not doing activities that once were his daily routine
  • Sleeps less or more than needed
  • Eats more or less than usual

If you see any of these changes in your friend, there are chances that he/she might be living with depression and might not know. This is when you need to support him

Dealing with Depression

Here are some of the ways you could help your friend.

Listen to Them Patiently

There have been cases when people get into depression by keeping things to themselves and not sharing them with others. There are many things that one might hold in his heart, and it ultimately leads to depression. Listen to your friend and let him express all his feelings. Do not cut his talks or show disinterest even if it is repetitive. There are chances that it might make him relaxed and improve his mental condition.

Invite Them

People who live with depression often prefer to live in isolation. However, this further increases the level of their depression and increases their mental stress. Try to invite your friend frequently, not just for hanging out, but also to keep him engaged in some activities that might distract his attention from things that are eating him from inside.

Take Him to a Therapist

There are situations when things are beyond your control. So, instead of taking things into your own hands, take your friend to a therapist. They are professional in dealing with such critical situations. A therapist would bring a drastic change in your friend’s life than anyone else could.

Try to Avoid Being Emotional

If you cry in front of a crying person, it will make that person more depressed. Hence, don’t get emotional and avoid taking things personally. If your friend is in a bad mood, you must keep your thinking positive and do activities that might make him feel good.

How does reading motivation quotes help in this case?

Motivation quotes come with their benefits. There are times when people are so sad that they do not want to talk with anyone except themselves. If this is the case with your friends, then ask them to read motivational quotes. Send them quotes regularly every day. If you find it challenging to get these quotes, is the best website as it offers all kinds of quotes and messages that could keep a person motivated throughout the day.

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