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The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything around us, and especially our lifestyles have undergone a tremendous change. The new reality imposed on us requires us to be living no doubt in our comfort zones, but it comes with its set of challenges. Each of us is mentally drained out of what is happening around us and cannot focus on anything, be it our personal or professional lives.

Now more than ever is the time to practice self-care to keep up with our physical and emotional health.

Here are some of the crucial self-care tips for COVID-19:

1.   Give Priority to Your Sleep:

During these tough times, your sleep should be your number#1 priority as multiple important things are relying on it, and the major two factors are immunity and mood. Get good quality and enough sleep keeps the immune system strong and running. Therefore, helping in fighting off the infections. There are plenty of body parts that positively respond, especially during sleep. As per the scientists, sleep is considered one of the best ways which help in keeping the stress level check.

2. Double Mask:

As the name suggests, double masking is when you layer a mask over the other for utmost protection. Although double masking has multiple advantages, it has two very important advantages. Firstly, we all will agree that masks are not very comfortable, especially because we are not used to wearing them. However, when you wear a double mask the outer mask applies pressure on the inner mask’s edges. Due to this reason, the fitting of the inner mask becomes better as it sticks to the skin. Secondly, layered masks help in increasing the filtration, as it doubles the material form which virus droplets tend to travel through to reach the face. 

3. Visit the Doctor If Needed:

We humans have the tendency of becoming our own doctors when we fall ill. However, with so much infection around, it is time that we take immediate action if we ever feel we are suffering from any kind of symptoms. You never know that a slight fever or cold, which you otherwise took lightly could turn into something really big. Hence, instead of taking your chances, you must take expert guidance from the doctor.

Practice Kindness and Gratitude:

If these are challenging times, then they are not just for you. Specifically, they are for the whole world. This is the time when everybody needs to unite and support each other. You will feel really happy and satisfied when you will yourself practice the art of gratitude and kindness. Lay a helping hand to your friend, family member, neighbor, or even a stranger who requires help in these dire times. You will end up feeling fuller and happier throughout the day.

Emotive Quotes is here on a mission to provide effective lifestyle tips to people, to help them in every way possible. You can check our quotes on health and fitness, which will keep you motivated to find new ways of maintaining good health.

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